ASL specialise in the design and supply of advanced control and monitoring systems, especially for the Metal Finishing and Treatments Industry.  This includes flexible low cost solutions for single or multiple process treatments facilities and ovens.

In particular ASL have developed systems for the Automotive and Aerospace industry for improving process consistency and quality whilst also monitoring every step of the process to provide complete traceability.  This provides essential records to assist with NADCAP and other Quality Control Standards Accreditation.  Each step of the process is coded and all process data is collected automatically. Typically, rectifiers are interfaced directly and the process parameters are downloaded automatically.  Systems can include wireless terminals and bar coding, can be interfaced to manual or automatic plants and equipment, including ovens, have any number of process steps.  Systems can also collect data from various types of transducers and equipment, together with manually entered inspection data. 

We provide a design and build of control panels and systems, ranging from small simple systems through to large complex systems.  We also provide site surveys, installation, commissioning, maintenance, calibration and support services.


SCADA / Data Recording

ASL use an in-house designed SCADA system (the Data Management System or DMS), which has been developed primarily to produce informative reports for production and processing history.  The report systems have been designed to allow simple operation, whilst providing all of the required information, which is usually customised to suit the client and/or machine requirements.


Integrated control systems

The DMS provides,

Control facilities include,

For the metal finishing industry, plant control system features include,

ASL also provide simulation facilities, especially for assisting with plant initial design and for major refurbishments, to help determine requirements for best plant utilisation and for prediction of plant productivity.