Automation Solutions Limited (ASL) is one of the leading companies providing advanced control and data management systems for the metal finishing industry, together with a range of products which includes an extensive range of plating barrels and rectifiers, centrifugal dryers, vibratory units, special filters, automatic filters, anodising, thickness controllers and electro colour controllers, vibratory units, plus barrel auto-lid removal units.  All are designed to enhance productivity and quality.  ASL produces its own software to ensure optimum performance and reliability, based on its long experience in the finishing sector and understanding and awareness of the problems that can arise. 

This same level of expertise is there to support the wide range of high quality product and equipment, all manufactured within the EU.


Associated company PROGALVANO (UK) provide an extensive range of Plating Barrels including the “ROTOR 2000” plus other ancillary products. New items include a range of Danglers in Polyurethane and new sealed motors for the mini rotor range of barrels. Together with a continuously evolving improved features for many of the products. PROGALVANO srl enjoy a worldwide reputation and as expected are a major division of the ASL’s product representation. 


Further equipment is also available, including a wide variety of Standard, PULSE RECTIFIERS (which for certain applications produce outstanding results) and high efficiency switch mode rectifiers.  ANODISING & ELECTROCOLOUR CONTROLLERS, together with a range of other products including AUTOMATIC BAND  FILTERS, AMPEREHOUR METERS,  DOSING SYSTEMS & PUMPS, WEIGH CELLS plus an extensive range of  CENTRIFUGAL DRYERS and VIBRATORY UNITS. ASL can supply all these products as the official and sole UK agent.  The emphasis throughout in a highly competitive market is to ensure first rate quality products and technology that can enhance productivity.  Other recent additions to the range include: Operator Display Panels and Wireless HMI Systems for Operator Guidance with Manual Processing Operations. With the degree of automation in modern manufacturing, ASL follows the route of the best quality equipment, technology and advanced level of computerised control to ensure the most productive finishing operations.


Systems for NADCAP & Other Quality Control Standards

In particular ASL have developed systems for the aerospace industry for improving process consistency and quality whilst also monitoring every step of the process to provide complete traceability providing essential records for NADCAP accreditation.  Each step of the process is coded and all process data is collected automatically. Typically, rectifiers are interfaced directly and the process parameters are downloaded and recorded automatically.  The system can include wireless terminals and bar coding, can be interfaced to manual or automatic plant, including ovens, have any number of process steps, collect data from transducers, equipment or manually entered inspection data.