High efficiency and performance rectifiers, based on high speed IGBT technology, with microprocessor control.

Usage includes plating, etching, cleaning, anodising and painting (e-coat).

Units are 400V AC 3-phase supply (other voltages available on request) and may be air or water cooled.

Various output voltages and currents available.

10V 12V 16V 20V 25V 30V 50V 50V 60V 80V 90V 100V 160V 250V 400V 450V
50A 10A 50A 150A 125A 50A 100A 125A 100A 140A 130A 25A 25A 40A 25A 60A
150A 100A 150A 350A 250A 100A 200A 250A 210A 280A 260A 50A 50A 300A 50A 60A
250A 150A 250A 500A 400A 200A 330A 250A 420A 560A 520A 100A 225A 75A 88A
300A 250A 300A 500A 400A 330A 660A 500A 840A 980A 780A 200A 600A 200A 154A
500A 300A 450A 1000A 800A 660A 1000A 500A 1050A 1120A 1040A 200A
550A 500A 550A 1000A 800A 1000A 1300A 750A 1260A 700A
550A 550A 550A 1500A 1200A 1300A 1600A 1000A 2500A 2100A
1100A 550A 1100A 2000A 1600A 1600A 2000A 1250A 5000A
1100A 1100A 1100A 2500A 2000A 2000A 2300A 1500A
1700A 1100A 1700A 3000A 2400A 2300A 2600A 2000A
1700A 1700A 1700A 3500A 2800A 2600A 3300A 4000A
2200A 1700A 2200A 4000A 3200A 3300A 4000A
2800A 2200A 2800A 6000A 4000A 5000A
3300A 2800A 3300A 5000A 6000A
3900A 3300A 3900A 6000A
4500A 3900A 4500A
5000A 4500A 5000A